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Romance at the Sugar Plantation?

 Yes…But it is better known as Nevis Island.

A few years ago I was looking for a destination that was “a little off the beaten path” and I found it. In fact, I found a destination that didn’t even have a commercial airport. So do we have to swim there?  I will talk more about GETTING THERE, but here is a hint… think 70 foot yacht and a Pina Colada!

For the Historians

Christopher Columbus, while on his second voyage, was the first western person to lay eyes on Nevis.  While anchoring off Nevis on November 11, 1493, Columbus mistakenly thought that the cloud cover that often shrouds Nevis’ peak, was snow.  The Spanish word for snow is “Nieves”, hence today’s corrupt form of the word, Nevis.

Nevis was officially settled by the British in 1628. This however, didn’t last long as the Spanish invaded and took over in 1629.  The tiny settlement grew to be the primary sugar source for Spain, England and America.  A tug-of-war over Nevis went on between the British, Dutch, French, and Spanish governments for the next two-hundred years over this tiny island until each were producing their own sugar which left this beautiful little island to us travelers!

nevis-church-st-paulOne of the oldest buildings in Nevis is the Bath House.  It was built in 1778 as a playground for the rich and famous, such as Prince William Henry, Lord Nelson, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge just to name a few. The Bath House sits on the Bath Stream, which has temperatures of 104F-108F.


St Paul’s Anglican Church was built around 1830, built in a cruciform plan with a gabled roof, and along side of it is the Parish School.  Inside the walled yard one will find graves dating back to 1669.

Nevis botanical garden 1.jpgThe Botanical Gardens was created by Joseph and Martha Murphy from Philadelphia a few years back. They wanted a tranquil place to preserve flora from all over the world, so they chose the Montpelier Estate area with views of Nevis Peak. Today you can stay at The Montpelier Plantation in this tranquil and scenic location.

Traveler info about the Island

Nevis is a volcanic formed Island that has created a beautiful dormant volcano centerpiece that is generally covered with puffy clouds (or some think, steam from the volcano). On a clear day, it can be seen from the entire 36 sq miles of the island. Old sugar plantations dot the landscape in the hills around the volcano, as well as many at sea level. In my opinion, the view from the high area plantations, 360 degrees from several are the best in the world. Many of these have been turned into hotels, bars and restaurants.  A tour of these plantations is a MUST. I highly suggest renting a car and taking the narrow road (one lane and dirt in some areas) that goes the entire perimeter of the Island. You can do this in a half day.

Where to stay

The only place I have ever actually hung my hat is the Four Seasons. It is WONDERFUL. You can sit on the beach all day and see maybe a half dozen other people. It is truly a remote beach. Even the newspaper comes only once a day and is delivered by fax machine (yes they still have one on Nevis, Island). This is QUIET like you have never heard before (did I say that right?).  In order to get the full sugar plantation experience I recommend the Nisbet Plantation or the Montpelier Plantation. You can stay in and around, or even have dinner and cocktails near the old sugar mills that have been there since the 1600’s. That is an experience you will want to share at the office water cooler for years!

nevis-sugar-room   nevis-montpelier

It’s your WONDERFUL choice… stay in a 1600’s sugar mill or have the beach to yourself!

nevis-4-seasons   nevis-room

Getting There

Nevis does have a commercial airport now, for you contemporary travelers, but for the adventurers I suggest the old way. St. Kitts is a vibrant Caribbean Island with a good airport that can be accessed direct from any semi major airport. Remember the Yacht and Pina Colada? The Four Seasons will meet you at the airport, grab your bags, put a drink in your hand and deliver you safely and securely direct to your villa via  a complimentary YACHT TRIP. I completely forgot I even brought a suitcase until I opened the closet in my villa and saw it sitting there! GREAT SERVICE!  Other hotel plantations have similar service, just ask first.

ROMANTIC Memories sparked by SUGAR!

Every time I open a bag of sugar in my kitchen I think of that beautiful night on the deck of my villa listening to the waves roll in near all those sugar plantations.  I will just leave it at that!  It makes me want to go back – NOW!

This article written by:  Melody Lile with contributions from World Traveling Joe.    Twitter:  @worldtraveljoe

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 Credits:  Nevis Island, Nisbet Plantation, Montpelier Plantation



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Age 59 and SEXY? OR The sexiest, most romantic hotel in the world! It’s only how you choose to look at it.

YES! I am nearing 59 years old so I choose the former but many in the world certainly would go along if we wanted to call the SLS in Las Vegas the sexiest most romantic hotel in the world.

The 59 year Sahara Hotel was closed just about 5 years for the all new SLS. Cheers to Sam Nazarian for an outstanding renovation and bringing this Las Vegas icon back to  life. And he did it for a mere $415 million. I say that a little smugly, but really, in the day of billion dollar hotels, I think this was AMAZING!

Descriptive words used in reviews of this property include beautiful, sexy, romantic, best ever, vibrant,  colorful, playful, and just downright FUN FOR ADULTS. The crowning touch has to be the mirror right above the center of the bed. I mean who could ask for more than being able to look up just before going to  sleep to make sure the cover is fixed just right…….

See the SLS Brochure:

Book it:

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